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Straylight Resource -- straylight-run.com

welcome to the official Straylight Resource livejournal community
the purpose for this lj community is to keep the public updated about Straylight Resource.
we will post the most up to date news possible regarding the band.
we also will posty any updates to the site as they happen. whether it be news, pictures, mp3s, video, icons, or whatever. you can find out about it here first
and there will be exclusives here on the lj community that will not be available, so keep your eyes & ears open or you might miss it.

While the rules are meant to be broken, these are meant to be followed....
* this is now the place to post info regarding the Straylight Resource.
* you can only post here with news, pictures, icons(journal & buddy), and wallpaper
* this is not the place to post: odes to the hotness of [insert band memeber here], questions unrelated to straylight run, random conversation, introductions, or anything else of that sort. you can do that in any of the other SR-related communites listed below.
* Straylight Resource has permission to use & put any and/or all of the information on our website
* if there are anyquestions about the Straylight Resource, you can post it here or you can diecrtly email the webmaster.

Straylight Run Links:
official site

yahoo! group

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that is all for now.
enjoy & come again.

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sr_resource will not tolerate any type of discrimination regarding race, gender, sexual prefrence, religion, or anything else. If there is anything that is considered to fall into that category, you will be banned. we have ZERO-TOLLERANCE regarding that. if you have any questions contact the moderator & she will inform you more if needed.

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